Papershop Features

Written by Papershop on 29/11/2020

At Papershop, we're frequently asked for a full list of the features we offer to restaurants. This article will explore all of our core offerings.

Digital Menus

Our primary offering is the ability for restaurants to digitize their menus. We do this by providing contactless menu cards, which support both NFC and QR technology, to make it super simple for customers to access your menu with their mobile phone. This reduces printing costs, labour costs and makes for a superior dining experience.

Menu Management System

Our menu management system makes it easy to keep your menu updated. Simply update your products using our menu editor. It only takes a matter of minutes before you have a beautiful menu generated and instantly available to all your customers.

COVID Tracking

We have built-in COVID tracking which can be enabled via the admin panel. When enabled, customers will be presented with the option to fill in their contact information which will be stored in compliance with government regulation and GDPR standards. This data can instantly be exported should it be later needed.

Allergen Information

Papershop makes it simple to manage allergens associated with your dishes. Simply edit a product, select the appropriate allergen and it will automatically be updated on your menu. We take care of all the indexing for the menu — Keeping everything accurate.


We offer an analytics dashboard to restaurants where they can browse active tables, check out their performance during key hours of service and use this information to optimize their restaurant.


We automatically keep your menu updated across platforms such as JustEat, Deliveroo and UberEats. Everything in one place.


The Papershop team has been working hard over the lockdown to create a working alternative to printed menus. We replace menus with contactless menu cards. These can be placed on tables, and your customers simply tap their phone off a card to access a digital menu. It's a complete solution for all your customer needs. We even make it easy to collect contact information from customers (which is becoming a requirement for restaurants in many parts of the world). Not only this, Papershop makes menu management straightforward. Many restaurant owners have started using sites like JustEat, Deliveroo & UberEats to enable their customers to order food online. These options are covid-friendly, but time-consuming. Handling menus across all of these websites is difficult, and often means menus are left outdated. Papershop solves this, by automatically taking cares of all updates to these platforms on your behalf. Papershop even automatically generates a printable menu, in the rare instance it's needed. Getting started with Papershop is simple! Click here to get started today!