An Open Letter To Restaurants

Written by Papershop on 22/11/2020

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the Irish economy, particularly affecting the restaurant industry. Papershop aims to ease the pressure on restaurants as they re-open during this pandemic. We provide restaurants with contactless menus which can be either scanned or tapped to open their restaurant's digital menu.

Our contactless menu cards allows customers quick access to your menu using their mobile phone — No more cleaning or reprinting your physical menus! We make it easy to collect contact-tracing information from your customers by allowing them to insert their name and phone number through the digital menu. This information is stored as per government guidelines and can be easily exported upon request. Updating your menu or viewing tracing information is as simple as logging into the Papershop dashboard and using the online editor! Each customer receives a personalised card for their business.

We are providing restaurants with a free installation for the duration of this lockdown. When your restaurant re-opens after lockdown, you can try it out and see the benefits of digital menus for yourself. There are no up-front commitments and no strings attached. If you decide to continue using the service after your 1 month free trial, there is monthly fee of €10 thereafter. This includes your menu set-up, contactless menu cards and access to your personal Papershop dashboard to update your menu.